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2010-11 Varsity Boys' Basketball Roster

No.: 10 Taylor Shields full bio Taylor Shields Class: Junior
No.: 14 Darayl Jordan full bio Darayl Jordan Class: Senior
No.: 20 Kenyatta Hardy full bio Kenyatta Hardy Class: Junior
No.: 22 Chase Dutra full bio Chase Dutra Class: Sophomore
No.: 24 Jordan Reagan full bio Jordan Reagan Class: Junior
No.: 30 Mycah Whetstone full bio Mycah Whetstone Class: Junior
No.: 32 Jaraan Lands full bio Jaraan Lands Class: Freshman
No.: 50 Evan Finley full bio Evan Finley Class: Junior
No.: 52 Kyle Thompson full bio Kyle Thompson Class: Freshman
No.:   Scott Hathaway full bio Scott Hathaway Class: Senior